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NJ Division of Purchase & Property Forms

For your convenience, links and explanations for documentation/forms required by the State of New Jersey, Department of Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property in order to maintain compliance with Local Public Contracts Law and Regulation:

  • IRS Form W-9 (Rev. 10/18)
    • Required at the time of vendor registration.
    • A vendor is obligated to furnish a company with a new Form W-9 if the name or TIN for the vendor changes. In addition, if the business structure of the vendor changes its taxation requirements, a new Form W-9 should be provided.
  • New Jersey Business Registration Certificate
    • Required at the time of vendor registration.
    • For public contracting, as proof of valid business registration with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. All contractors and subcontractors must provide this documentation when seeking to do business with the State of New Jersey, and other public agencies in this state.
  • Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran Form
    • Required at the time of vendor registration.
    • Pursuant to Public Law 2012, c. 25, any person or entity that submits a bid or proposal or otherwise proposes to enter into or renew a contract must complete the certification below to attest, under penalty of perjury, that neither the person nor entity, nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates, is identified on the Department of the Treasury’s Chapter 25 list as a person or entity engaged in investment activities in Iran.
  • Chapter 271 - Political Contribution Disclosure
    • Required if current fiscal year aggregate is expected to exceed $17,499
    • At least ten (10) days prior to entering into a Contract (Purchase Order), the Vendor/Bidder must complete the Certification and Political Contribution Disclosure Form in accordance submit it the District.
  • AA Certificate or AA Employee Information Report
    • Required if current fiscal year aggregate is expected to exceed $39,999
    • After Notice of Award, but prior to signing of a contract, all successful bidders for goods, general services, and professional services contracts must submit to the District awarding the contract, one of the following documents, as evidence of appropriate affirmative action compliance:
      • A current federally approved or sanctioned Affirmative Action Program or
      • A Certificate of Employee Information Report or
      • A completed Employee Information Report (Form AA-302). This form will be made available to vendors by the Public Agency awarding the contract. It must be submitted to the Public Agency awarding the contract. A contractor’s bid will be rejected as non-responsive if the successful vendor fails to submit any of these requirements within the time specified. Instructions for completing the AA employee Information Report: Click Here to Download